Hi, I’m Brigid.

I am a HAES® Dietitian and an Intuitive Eating Counsellor. 

Early in my career I worked in numerous settings with traditional approaches to weight management including community based weight management clinics as well as a specialist surgical bariatric team. I have seen first hand that for many clients restrictive dieting does not lead to long term weight loss but can actually lead to disordered eating, eating disorders and long term weight gain. This weight focused style of dietetics was often judgemental and focused on telling people what to eat which never sat well with me.

When starting my own practice I pursued training in Health at Every Size® (HAES®) and the principles of Intuitive Eating . This is a compassionate approach that focuses on what is important to you. It looks at behaviours that impact our health rather than focusing on weight. I assist people to reconnect with  their internal cues of hunger and fullness and feel good about their food choices and bring back enjoyment in eating. You can learn more about intuitive eating and HAES® in the frequently asked questions.

Working in this way has lead me to work with clients who have disordered eating habits and eating disorders. Eating disorder treatment can feel overwhelming however recovery is possible. I work in collaboration with other health professionals in the treatment of eating disorders.

I am also a Mum of 3 kids and passionate about helping parents raise children with a healthy relationship with food and the skills required to be intuitive eaters. Often parents feed the kids the way they were raised which unfortunately does not apply in todays world. Telling kids to finish their plate or have 2 more bites can interfere with a childs' ability to regulate their appetite and eat according to their internal cues. Learning the division of responsibility can help parents and children understand their individual roles in feeding to enable them to enjoy family meals together.

Working in public heath in both Australia and the United Kingdom for over 10 years I have broad expertise in clinical nutrition including diabetes management, cardiology, neurology, malnutrition, neurosurgery (including enteral nutrition), womens health (including PCOS) and mental health.  I am passionate about working in partnership with my clients to understand what is important to you and how I can best support you in daily life. 

I provide warm and compassionate nutrition counselling and I understands how difficult it is to make changes to our habits. My aim is to work with you in a collaborative way to make realistic, relevant goals together to improve your health and quality of life. To make an appointment or to speak to me give me a call today.