Individual Consultations

Individual consultations allow me to learn about you as an individual and provide the advice tailored specifically for your needs. I am most interested in what you want from the session. Questions asked may include your current health status, past medical history, medication or supplements you take, your experience with dieting, your weight history, your food preferences and general eating and lifestyle habits. This allows me to work with you to provide you with relevant, individually tailored advice and strategies to help you meet your goals.

For details about fees please click here.

Groups and workshops

I enjoy spreading a balanced message about nutrition and health through small groups and workshops. These include groups exploring the long term impact on dieting as well as the evidence for Intuitive Eating model as an alternative. These groups are also have a practical and experiential component to help you get started if intuitive eating sounds like it would be helpful to you.

I also run groups about family nutrition for parents. These aim to help you raise children who have a healthy relationship with food and their body and provide strategies to deal with fussy eating. 

For upcoming groups and workshops please check the events page or Facebook. 

Skype Consultations

We appreciate that for many of us finding time for appointments for ourselves is a challenge. We are also aware that accessing an experienced HAES dietitian able to work with a weight neutral approach can be difficult so Skype consultations are available for appropriate clients. 

Please call to discuss if this is an option for you. Please note that face to face consultations are required for Medicare rebates and some health funds.